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Welcome, welcome, welcome! I hope this course serves you well in your pursuit of seeking dialogue across the aisle and in learning to build healthy and holistic relationships with your neighbor and the world around you.

In this introductory lecture, you'll learn about the pop culture origins of the Theory of Enchantment, the Three Principles, how to use the theory to improve how you navigate the world of conflict, and how to be in deeper relationship with others around you.

Listen below for a detailed overview from Chloé Valdary!

Assignments For This Lesson:

  1. Commit the Principles to Memory
  2. Listen to the Audio introduction
  3. Take the Quiz

First, we’ll start by teaching a brief overview of what the Three Principles of the Theory of Enchantment are. They are very simple and easy to remember. The principles are as follows:

Principle 1:

Remember that We are human beings, not political abstractions

Principle 2:

Criticize to uplift and empower, never to tear down or to destroy.

Principle 3:

Root everything you do in love and compassion.

Further Resources Below:

#1 - Maya Angelou's 'What it Takes' Interview https://whatittakes.simplecast.fm/f6a7725d

#2 - The story of Randy Furniss and Aaron Courtney https://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/protester-hugged-nazi-pleads-hate-article-1.3575977

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